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Name:Perfect Lives in Quiet Moments
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated

The Community:
[info]x5jared is a community for all fanworks about the various characters played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, as well as (the public personas) of the actors themselves.

And yes, this means male/male slash, people. Not your cup of tea? Don't complain to us, just go elsewhere. :)

Posting is moderated to keep off-topic content off the comm.

Your friendly mods, [info]purequicksilver and [info]the_milky_way. Hope you'll have a nice stay and enjoy the ride. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM us.

The Rules:
1. We only accept fanworks. That means: fanfiction, icons, vids, or other art that meet the requirements. No posting of news, articles, interviews, videos, etc.!

2. You must tag your fanwork. See the complete tags list here.

3. If your fanwork has a main pairing, it must be Jared/Jensen (respectively their characters). Other pairings are only allowed as side pairings or if it ends in J2 or their characters, as long as the focus of the fic is J2 being together.

4. When posting to the comm, please state the category (fic, vid, art...), the pairing and the rating in the subject line.

5. If you're posting fic or artwork, use clear ratings. If you're not sure about the correct rating, ask the mods.

6. If you're posting fic, please use a header and put your fic under a cut. If you want to, you can use this posting template:

7. All graphics (and yes, this includes fic banners) must be posted underneath a cut, to make life easier for the dial-up users among us.

8. Please don't use customized fonts on our community. They just mess up other people's flists. You're welcome to use customized fonts on your own journal or fic community all you want, but not here.

9. No promoting of other comms etc. unless you asked one of the mods beforehand and got their OK.

10. Don't start your post with, "I don't know if this is allowed, but…" – if you aren't sure, then please contact one of the mods! We don't bite, so go ahead and ask us if you're unsure whether something is or isn't allowed.

11. Our plagiarism policy: DON'T. Just don't, okay? If we catch you at it, we're going to report you at [info]stop_plagiarism. Stealing from others isn't okay.

12. Be polite. Don't spam. Don't bash other people. PEACE, guys.

For clarifications on the rules please check the Mod Post here

What IS allowed?
All stories with the main pairing consisting of characters played by Jared and Jensen, or Jared and Jensen. Minor pairings within the stories are allowed as well. Gen is allowed.

For clarification:
Jared/Jensen: YES
Tom Hanniger/Clay Miller: YES
Dean Forrester/Dean Winchester: YES
Alec MacDowell/Jared Padalecki: YES
Jensen Ackles/Sam Winchester: YES
Jensen Ackles/Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki: YES

What ISN'T allowed?
Any story with a main pairing other than J2.

For clarification:
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins: NO
Ruby/Sam Winchester: NO
John Winchester/Dean Winchester: NO
Dean Winchester/Castiel: NO
Jensen Ackles/Castiel: NO
Max Guevara/Jared Padalecki: NO

You get the drift, yeah? ;)

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